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[Staff] killertudse a posted Jul 16, 14
Heya guys!

I'm thinking we should have a little contest.

Starting from today, and until August 16th all donations over 15$ will enter the raffle, where i will pick one lucky winner who will win a free minecraft account.

We will have these raffles each month, and prizes will vairy from Steam credits to games.

Greetings Players,

Faction server has now been released and is ready to be played on!

You should all go check it out!

Start now and be the biggest faction and dominate the server!

While dominating, you can build your own Airplane which you can use to fly around and bomb other factions with, or turn your base into a submarine so you can hide your base daily!

Tell your friends about the server, Epicgaming is gonna be great again!

Suggestions appreciated.

A new forum category has been opened, from there you can recruit players to your faction, or you can find your future faction there

Ip is Hub.Epicgamingmc.com

Donate for cool perks on the new server @ http://Bit.ly/epicdonations.

Vote for 500$: Coming soon!


All ranks for the faction server has been released.

More perks has been added!

Even more perks to come before release!

Preorder now to save a lot of money!

More info about the faction server will come shortly! Look forward to it, there's going to be so many cool mechanics, i promise you!

Summer Sale

[Staff] killertudse a posted Jun 23, 14
Hello guys! I'm offering you all a special deal to celebrate the upcoming release of the new server. 

I'm offering 30% off on any donor perk, and however much you spend gives you a free coupon for half of that amount that goes towards the new server! This is an amazing way to basically pre order your rank and get another rank on item spawn, for the price of one.

Donate now! http://bit.ly/epicdonations


Sup guys!

[Staff] killertudse a posted Jun 20, 14
Hey guys!

I just want to let you all know that i am done with all my exams, and i have vacation now.

I even finished with the best grades on my school!

I'm just here to tell you that i am going to be working on a new server which will be the new main server.
It's a regular Faction server! No grief city, mining veins, or item spawning!

There will be lot of features and minigames to keep the player entertainted all the times!

Also the hub is going to be more simplified, or even removed - I am not sure yet! Chatmod will probably also be merged together with moderator. New staff will be hired soon, so make sure to apply!
mmed Killer look at my application!
[Staff] FlipKips Also, please remove my staff rank on the forum. I don't like it because I'm not even staff anymore..
[Staff] FlipKips I wonder if this time the staff will ACTUALLY take care of the server....
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