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Patch 2.0

[Staff] killertudse a posted Thu at 0:06

I am rolling out Patch 2.0 on the item spawning server now.

The patch nodes are the following:

New feature:

  • - 1v1 Duels - Challenge players to a 1v1 with equal armor! Type /1v1 to be teleported to the arena, and /quit to leave it. To challenge a player right click with your blaze rod.
  • Event island coming in patch 2.1. With great events!


  • Everybody can now spawn in Golden apples
  • Golden apples cooldown increased to 120 seconds (From 60 seconds
  • Potions cooldowns increased to 3 seconds (From 2 seconds)

McMMo Changes:

  • McMMo Axes cap level increased to 250 (From 200)
  • McMMo Axe skill made more effective in PvP
  • McMMo Archery skill level cap set to 300

Faction Changes:

  • Maximum Power increased to 15 (From 10)
  • Minimum Power set to -15 (From -10)
  • Power per gained minute increased
  • Power loss when dying decreased to 2 (From 4)
  • Starting power set to 5 (From 0)


Donor Admin commands fixed.

  • /Fix is now available again.
  • //Copy is now available 
  • /Enchhant is now available

  • New server is being worked on! It's going to be a lot of fun.
  • Other small tweaks made to make server faster and reduce lag.

xXDomSkiieZXx Can you also add you can get unarmed skill, swords skill, Archery skill, and axes skill from spawners?
[Staff] Hayden8001 Nice! Your welcome for the suggestions! ...


[Staff] killertudse a posted Tue at 22:43
Hello guys,

I have decided to hire 2 moderators.



[Staff] CaseyBuilds Thanks Killer, Means a lot to be picked again. I'll try to be on as much as I can possibly spare,
[Staff] Hayden8001 Thank you. means so much. I'll be as active as I can, you should be more active too ...


[Staff] killertudse a posted Tue at 21:08
Hey guys.

The forum has been fixed, you can now post again!

Also i would like to remind you all we still have 20% off all donor ranks @ http://Bit.ly/epicdonatiosn

New in-game moderators will be hired soon!

Hello guys.

We are rolling out a new patch soon!

Can you guys comment on forum threads now?
[Staff] Hayden8001 Still can't comment
fred6787 I still can't post comments on the forums. I tried 3 and i couldnt post on any!
[Admin] xXwArr ii oRXx Hey everyone! like killer said can anyone comment on the forums now? also just giving you all a heads up, im offering 2 ...


[Staff] killertudse a posted Sep 2, 14
Hey guys!

As you may know 1.8 was released today.

If you have updated your client to 1.8 already don't worry! You can still connect to the server! However 1.8 items are not available yet.

Moderator applications have also been opened now.

I would also like to thank all our latest donators!

The money has been spent wisely, i am running tons of advertisement campaigns through http://www.projectwonderful.com

I have also requested my server to be upgraded.

I would also like to tell you all that we are preparing Patch 1.1 which will include event island, and a few other tweaks and stuff being added!

LaztHopeMC Hayden, go to "Applications" then go to "My Apps" and then cancel all the apps you've submitted and ...
fred6787 I applied for Chat-Mod about 2 weeks ago and still haven't heard back from anyone. Did my app go though or did something ...
Skidushe Hayden, I had this problem, go delete your old app, then try ^^
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