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[Staff] killertudse a posted Mon at 22:15
Thanks a lot to headsup for saving EpicGaming!

I've just bought new hardware and it should be activated soon.

However all files are gone.

What does this mean?

New map
New ip
Files reset.

Since files are reset all permissions and ranks are reset as well. Of course you won't lose your donor rank so when the server is up and running again ranks will be added one by one.

We will start rebuilding The Survival server. Help may be needed from the community.

More news coming soon!
xXDomSkiieZXx You the man HeadsUp27 <3
andebande5 GG Heads❤️
[Staff] crazyman12345m o Thank you so much Heads for you contribution to epicgaming! And Killer if you need help with builders just give me a mes ...

So things gone bad with the host and we need to move to another where i can get a good dedicated server.

The start fee is 70$ which must be paid. However this is something i cannot afford right now.

Therefor i will make a special deal right now.

Donor admin on Item or Survival for 100$
Donor admin on both 150$

If you are interested go to http://bit.ly/epicdonations -> Gift cards and then pay the amount you wish.

harmati How much is rank upgrade?
Skidushe I shall try and donate, I don't think it will be anywhere near £60 though ;P

Host issue

[Staff] killertudse a posted Sun at 11:00
Hi guys.

We have a serious Host issue which means the servers are down. Currently i am not entirely sure what to do, i am working on it - This may mean we need to change to another host however this will also mean a lot of files will be lost.

I will keep you updated.

rileysoccer88 Just try to hurry as fast as possible, cause you might lose players from this
rileysoccer88 Dude need a new host? Try Fragnet.net
rileysoccer88 When you said files, you meant...

Server version

[Staff] killertudse a posted Apr 10, 14
The server is running bukkit 1.7.4. So in order to join you must set your minecraft to run 1.7.4

Also i would like to inform we have a 25% discount code!

The code is "EasterEG"
lara546 I didn't advertise no nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lara546 This just not fair at all!!!!!! LaztHopeMC has just banned me for a random reason
lara546 I play on 1.7.5 and it works

So as you most likely have noticed the servers have been super unstable the last time. The only one to blame is me. My social life has been taking very lot of my time, and i didn't feel like i had the time or resources to fix everything.

However all it really took was a few hours dedicated time to fix most of the issues.

The servers were all updated to run the latest version of plugins, updated craftbukkit and added automatic restart to it - So if it were to crash, it would automatically boot up again within 5 hours.

New chat moderators were hired as well, and i am now going to focus on the new server which was announced some time ago.

Please tell everybody about EpicGaming - We really need players.

Also if possible you can help out with a small donation on http://bit.ly/epicdonations (We are sadly on 0% of this months goal)

I would like to apologize for my lack of server work. Having a server means you have a certain responsibility. From now on i will go through everything and check all servers are working correcltly at least once a week (Unless more is needed)

Thank you!
Long live EpicGaming
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