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Patch 1.2

[Owner] Killertudse a posted Aug 19, 15

Patch 1.2 is coming soon!

This new patch will include a few new features such as

  • Awesome gambling system. Including cases, lottery and casino!
  • Duel system
  • Possible trade system.
  • Fixes and tweaks

Next up

[Owner] Killertudse a posted Aug 19, 15

Next up.

Grief city.

driftblade3 How long do you think it will be?

Youtube Rank

[Owner] Killertudse a posted Aug 18, 15


Voting system is coming to the server tomorrow!

I am also happy to announce that youtuber rank has arrived!

You can apply for the rank today!


beatboy712 To get more votes you should limit the amounts of items players are allowed to spawn in daily with /i however after they ...

Patch 1

[Owner] Killertudse a posted Aug 6, 15

Patch 1 is coming today.

Here is the full patch notes.

  • New /warp mine system. Mine to gather resources! There's a PvPMine with high resources, and SafeMine with less resources.
  • Soup will now heal. /i soup is now blocked, instead it can be purchased from the shop, or from kits.
  • New spawn
  • Newbie protection. - New players cant be hit for 10 minutes.
  • New extended shop
  • Kits! Daily,weekly,monthly and a kit only spawnable once.
  • Mobs will drop enchanted items.
  • Gain money by killing players. Each kill with give you 50$
  • Player money reset

Make sure to be online tonight! 


The first official bigger patch is soon arriving.

We're adding a lot of cool features.

These are some of the things the patch will contain:

  • New spawn!
  • Custom mines
  • Mobs will drop custom items
  • More OpNess
  • More enchants coming to the server

And some other cool features :)

We're working on it. And would still like to hear all your suggestion! Perhaps it will be added to the patch.


rileysoccer88 YYYAAAAASSSS
IROSTICK I can see it?
[Admin] xXwArriioRXx The new spawn is looking very very nice btw guys
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