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New server

[Staff] killertudse a posted Nov 20, 14
Stay tuned guys!

We will releas our brand new server soon!
Herobrine90_ Cool Man!! ...

Halloween Sale

[Staff] killertudse a posted Oct 19, 14

Halloween is arriving.

Let's celebrate!

Scary stuff may occur, it's not always safe to walk alone :-)

We also have our yearly halloween sale.
All packages are now with 20% off @ http://bit.ly/epicdonations

See you in EpicGaming!


Patch 2.0

[Staff] killertudse a posted Sep 18, 14

I am rolling out Patch 2.0 on the item spawning server now.

The patch nodes are the following:

New feature:

  • - 1v1 Duels - Challenge players to a 1v1 with equal armor! Type /1v1 to be teleported to the arena, and /quit to leave it. To challenge a player right click with your blaze rod.
  • Event island coming in patch 2.1. With great events!


  • Everybody can now spawn in Golden apples
  • Golden apples cooldown increased to 120 seconds (From 60 seconds
  • Potions cooldowns increased to 3 seconds (From 2 seconds)

McMMo Changes:

  • McMMo Axes cap level increased to 250 (From 200)
  • McMMo Axe skill made more effective in PvP
  • McMMo Archery skill level cap set to 300

Faction Changes:

  • Maximum Power increased to 15 (From 10)
  • Minimum Power set to -15 (From -10)
  • Power per gained minute increased
  • Power loss when dying decreased to 2 (From 4)
  • Starting power set to 5 (From 0)


Donor Admin commands fixed.

  • /Fix is now available again.
  • //Copy is now available 
  • /Enchhant is now available

  • New server is being worked on! It's going to be a lot of fun.
  • Other small tweaks made to make server faster and reduce lag.

xXDomSkiieZXx Can you also add you can get unarmed skill, swords skill, Archery skill, and axes skill from spawners?
[Staff] Hayden8001 Nice! Your welcome for the suggestions! ...


[Staff] killertudse a posted Sep 16, 14
Hello guys,

I have decided to hire 2 moderators.



[Staff] CaseyBuilds Thanks Killer, Means a lot to be picked again. I'll try to be on as much as I can possibly spare,
[Staff] Hayden8001 Thank you. means so much. I'll be as active as I can, you should be more active too ...


[Staff] killertudse a posted Sep 16, 14
Hey guys.

The forum has been fixed, you can now post again!

Also i would like to remind you all we still have 20% off all donor ranks @ http://Bit.ly/epicdonatiosn

New in-game moderators will be hired soon!