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[Staff] killertudse a posted 2 hours ago
Hey guys!

As you may know 1.8 was released today.

If you have updated your client to 1.8 already don't worry! You can still connect to the server! However 1.8 items are not available yet.

Moderator applications have also been opened now.

I would also like to thank all our latest donators!

The money has been spent wisely, i am running tons of advertisement campaigns through http://www.projectwonderful.com

I have also requested my server to be upgraded.

I would also like to tell you all that we are preparing Patch 1.1 which will include event island, and a few other tweaks and stuff being added!


Join now

[Staff] killertudse a posted 22 hours ago

Join our server right away to enter the world of epicness!

Ip: Play.epicgamingmc.com

Hope to see you there!
[Staff] killertudse a mc.epicgamingmc.com. hub, item, play they all work :-)
Hayden8001 Why'd you change IP?


[Staff] killertudse a posted Sun at 15:12

Donor ranks are being added in this very moment.

I've also put a cooldown on pots, they have a 2 second cooldown to avoid "pot spam".

We currently have 20% off all ranks - http://bit.ly/epicdonations.

The next donations we get will be used for an ad campaign to get more players! Next goal is to upgrade server hardware.

Need your rank? Set a /mail ingame to killertudse98 saying what rank you should have.

Don't try to lie please, will confirm it before adding you rank.


Hayden8001 Cool! Can't wait to see some of the new donations you guys are adding!

Server released

[Staff] killertudse a posted Thu at 13:00

Right now in this very moment the server is being released!

All final modifications are done, and it's all ready!

Donor ranks are disabled for a few days so all players can get an even start.

We have 20% off all ranks.

In about 1 month from now we will release a patch with updates, new plugins, and tweaks that needs to be done. So from now on we will make patches every now and then, with new content!

I hope you all enjoy playing on EpicGaming. All information about how the server works is written in the spawn.

And by the way: Pot spamming has been significantly nerfed.

Join now! Play.epicgamingmc.com

I also wanna shout out to a few people: without them it would have been a bit of a challenge to get everything up again.

Skidushe -Building, and bug testing - Discovered a few critical bugs - thanks! XD
XxWarriiorXX - Building! I can always count on you. Thanks mate!
Buggeman - Building and just assisting me! Thanks bro.
Agm(AndreasMonster) - Graphical design. Thaks for your help!

And to you guys! The community! You have been so patient and helpful! Thanks so much.

[Admin] xXwArr ii oRXx I didn't do anything major wait to thank me until Epicgaming 2.0 comes out that's where ill show my true talent ...
Hello guys.

We are working on high pressure on the new server.

I wanna release it as soon as possible, however i am not going to release a server with bugs! So i will do my best to hurry up, but only release when i believe it is fully ready!

The mechanics will almost be like the old epicgaming (6-7 months ago)

A few changes were made though.

Some McMMo have been skill capped.

Sword skill maximum: 250
Axe Skill maximum: 200
Unarmed skill maximum: 200
Alchemy skill maximum: 300

I've also nerfed the sword and axe skills in PvP.

A cooldown has also been added to golden apples, to balance pvp. It is currently set to 60 seconds.

There will be shops! How you may ask?

Farming materials like melon seeds  and melons have been blocked so they cannot be spawned in. This way players can buy seeds from the shop, or find them in the world, and make farms. Melons are sellable in the shop! In the shop you can buy golden apples, enchants and experience.

The old rank veterean will be readded. It's a rank which is given automatically when you have xx amount of online playtime.

Mob arena has already been setup, spleef is next - we will also remake the event island. Maybe some of you remember that island.

Donor ranks will be reduced to 20% the first month, however no ranks are added the first month! The reason why we've done this is because we want all players to get an equal start.

Overall i believe it is looking good, there is still a lot of work to do, but i have the motivation and really want to do this! I hope you all will help me getting epicgaming back to the old times, by advertising as much as possible when it's ready for release.


[Design] agm1998 a A new spawn has been added. Picture will be updated through your monitor very soon!
[Admin] erazorv4 Awwh not modded! D': ...
xXDomSkiieZXx I don't know the nether things anyway at least I might have fun, thanks killertudse98 for working hard! I would like to ...
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