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[Staff] killertudse a posted Apr 10, 14
The server is running bukkit 1.7.4. So in order to join you must set your minecraft to run 1.7.4

Also i would like to inform we have a 25% discount code!

The code is "EasterEG"
lara546 I didn't advertise no nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lara546 This just not fair at all!!!!!! LaztHopeMC has just banned me for a random reason
lara546 I play on 1.7.5 and it works

So as you most likely have noticed the servers have been super unstable the last time. The only one to blame is me. My social life has been taking very lot of my time, and i didn't feel like i had the time or resources to fix everything.

However all it really took was a few hours dedicated time to fix most of the issues.

The servers were all updated to run the latest version of plugins, updated craftbukkit and added automatic restart to it - So if it were to crash, it would automatically boot up again within 5 hours.

New chat moderators were hired as well, and i am now going to focus on the new server which was announced some time ago.

Please tell everybody about EpicGaming - We really need players.

Also if possible you can help out with a small donation on http://bit.ly/epicdonations (We are sadly on 0% of this months goal)

I would like to apologize for my lack of server work. Having a server means you have a certain responsibility. From now on i will go through everything and check all servers are working correcltly at least once a week (Unless more is needed)

Thank you!
Long live EpicGaming


[Staff] killertudse a posted Apr 8, 14
Vivitizz is hosting an event!

This is his message

Hello guys,
As you all may know the servers have been down recently. I know everyone is unhappy because they cannot play on such a prestigious server. I'd like to apologize for this, even though as you may recognize, I am not a staff member. I am feeling quite generous so I decided I would do a giveaway! There will be prizes given out and here they are:

1st Place: You will receive a $30 donation to anything you want on the server!

2nd Place: You will receive two sets of rainbow armor on the Item Spawning server!

3rd Place: You will be receiving $50,000 in game cash, also on the Item Spawning server.

There are conditions on how you enter though, you must advertise this server wherever you think of! (We highly discourage advertising on other servers, so please don't!) Once you have advertised come back to this thread, and write down your Minecraft username and PROOF that YOU advertised the server, lying will not be tolerated in will result in immediate disqualification!

Winners will be chosen at random, using a website generator or something of some sort! :p Obviously the competition winners will be drawn when the server is back to it's normal state, so everything can be handed out easily! :)

What if you don't win? Don't worry, I have you covered! Just for entering this and doing all of the requirements, you will win yourself a half stack of obsidian (32) on the Item Spawning server. This is why it is important that you leave your in game names below! :)

Is this still not enough for you? That's okay, I think the survival server is a bit left out, so I have decided I will host a drop party on the Item Spawn server and the Survival server. I will be throwing lot's of cool items so make sure you are there for that! For anyone wondering, the drop party can be attended by anyone, you DO NOT have to enter to come to the drop party!

You may be wondering how I am getting all of this wonderful things to give away to you guys, because all you have to do is simply advertise the server! :d Well it's simple, I am proud to announce that this giveaway is sponsored by the friendly Head-Admim, erazorv4! This giveaway has also been approved by Killertudse. I would appreciate it if you guys could thank Erazor, because without him this wouldn't happen! :d

So, after reading all of this why not get started early? The more times you advertise and provide us with proof, the more times your name goes into the draw! This means you will have a better chance of winning the prizes.

Happy advertising gamers! :)


[Staff] killertudse a posted Mar 27, 14
Heeeeey guys,

I'll get the item spawning server fixed asap, and hire new chat moderators. So if you're interested feel free to send an application.

cappy77 Can u estimate a time when its going to be up?
mrpotato64 im not gonna apply
cappy77 Ty for that its my favorite server
Hi guys.

I've started working on a new very high quality server.

I would appreciate if you guys would come with suggestions/ideas

And i cannot say release date yet, all i can say is it's going to take a while.

lara546 From xXDomSkiieZXx on laras acc
lara546 im gonna try donate as much until i can get Donner-Admin for grief city im gonna try! for the community and server sta ...
danny1998216 Just asking, when are you guys gonna reqruit new ChatModerators.
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